Jsjsjs Jdjs
Jsjsjs Jdjs 21 timme sedan
Tittle should be: ***** **** ****
Ezzynah 21 timme sedan
And whoever said women can't be funny, eh?
Hawke 21 timme sedan
I saw a lot of football matches with Messi. And here is a fact. Messi always repeats the same things : running, dribbling, scoring. Messie is boring and he doesn't create anything on the field, that's why he's not a genius. On the contrary, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Pelé, Ronaldo (the Brazilian), were spectacular, creative, audacious, artists. So is CR7. And for those who think that Messi plays with a " natural " talent, don't forget that he took growth hormone and he works a lot. Plus, don't forget that Messi only plays for one club, while CR7 played in several teams and always succeed. Those who really know soccer must admit that Messi is not a genius. For sure, he's talented, but he's not the GOAT.
Mark 21 timme sedan
Because England didn't appreciate Scholes.
Sherminator 21 timme sedan
this is one of the worst things that could happen to ufc. We dont care about them, no one clapping at anyone expect for steve-o because we know he can take damage and proved himself already. I just want to see crazy american fat fans going crazy not seeing some jared leto looking like a cult-leader. so boring that ufc became like this now.
Steve Kelby
Steve Kelby 21 timme sedan
Watch it about once a month. Since stopping the antidepressants. Much better solution ❤️
Jay 21 timme sedan
Conor McGregor needs a translator at this point. He’s becoming so incoherent, he talks like some hill billy from Ireland lol.
Omar Miah
Omar Miah 21 timme sedan
Crazy how the last goal was Sancho shooting past Junior Firpo. Sancho signs for Man United, Firpo signs for Leeds. Opening league fixture: Man United vs Leeds.
al80s 21 timme sedan
What a loser!
Gregory Vincent
Gregory Vincent 21 timme sedan
Diamond 💎 & NEW
Londinium Armoury
Londinium Armoury 21 timme sedan
Everyone talking about Tony isnt as good as he used to be (3 fights ago or something) But nobody giving props to Oliveira, Charles performance was 10/10 here, look at him snap into guard transitions and consistant wrestling throws, he deserves some credit for this.
navdeep rajput
navdeep rajput 22 timmar sedan
what was first clip was all about ?
Patience Wynn
Patience Wynn 22 timmar sedan
I never know conor is a nice guy after fighting, he has two different sides. Respect
Oldie50 22 timmar sedan
I just loved it
Marcin Pobiedzinski
Marcin Pobiedzinski 22 timmar sedan
Masvidal is overrated af
Marcin Pobiedzinski
Marcin Pobiedzinski 22 timmar sedan
Chandler has No gas tank at all...
Emerald ZED
Emerald ZED 22 timmar sedan
Barcelona really are being destroyed I. The campions league
Learn Lessons
Learn Lessons 22 timmar sedan
Definitely ladies will go for Ronaldo
Tom Moore
Tom Moore 22 timmar sedan
The ‘Billie strut’ Dustin had me laughing so bad 😂
Gordon Ferrar
Gordon Ferrar 22 timmar sedan
Peet vs Till, who wins?
Dnomyar Akunawik
Dnomyar Akunawik 22 timmar sedan
Pity he couldn’t do that for England!
thomas donaldson
thomas donaldson 22 timmar sedan
My teeth are falling out. Yuuuup. Anywho
y0Dab 22 timmar sedan
Tradition to come back to this
chris77777777ify 22 timmar sedan
I only counted 2 & half turns. Did I miss something
Terry Krow
Terry Krow 22 timmar sedan
Reyes dominated Jones so bad that Jones HAD to do takedowns. He had nowhere else to go. But even then: Jones was too weak and Reyes too strong. Reyes was robbed. From that night on: Jones was no longer champion. He was owned for most of that fight. Obviously.
Bruce Phillips
Bruce Phillips 22 timmar sedan
Rossi had many awesome races but that one was defining , best MotoGP lap ever in my opinion, F1 had Senna lap of the gods, this is gp's
Temzzy 22 timmar sedan
i dont blame the doctor
Willy Watkins
Willy Watkins 22 timmar sedan
It makes me sick when the ref dives in as soon as they go down. They deserve AT LEAST 4/5 hammer fists to the face, they’d be getting stamped on if it was on the streets
Eel 22 timmar sedan
This was NOT iconic.
Chris G
Chris G 22 timmar sedan
Ref should’ve ended the fight way before he did
Descendant Of Rollo
Descendant Of Rollo 22 timmar sedan
"I'm on probation up to my eyeballs" looooool
Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor 22 timmar sedan
RESPECT Dustin . He is a dirtbag
yeah tbh.
yeah tbh. 22 timmar sedan
Al 22 timmar sedan
That goal against Barca shows his quality
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 22 timmar sedan
Don’t care if people hate me or post hate about this but Connor was winning that fight before he broke his ankle and was probably gonna end up 2nd round for Connor but
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 22 timmar sedan
Don’t get me wrong I think Dustin is the better fighter but Connor was winning this one fight
Al 23 timmar sedan
I bloody love Marco reus, wasn’t selfish with that first goal
AlphaMales 23 timmar sedan
7:13 your welcome.
Stephen Frazer
Stephen Frazer 23 timmar sedan
The more the look at the fight, the more the 10-8 seems ridiculous. I would say it was even.
Neel 23 timmar sedan
1:14 That name is weird
Sabino T.
Sabino T. 23 timmar sedan
kumarsmun... people actually like this guys fighting? he demands :respect: .... one doesnt demand respect.. it is given.. his online fighting persona makes him hard to like.. tell me im wrong, and change my mind.
pavel pavel
pavel pavel 23 timmar sedan
Two legends Habib and Fedor, both from Russia
pavel pavel
pavel pavel 23 timmar sedan
Две легенды это Федя и Хабиб , больше даже не кто приблизится не может и оба с России
André Pina
André Pina 23 timmar sedan
Pó caralho, pá!