Conor and Dustin let the mind games begin! UFC 264 press conference best bits

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Things got heated as Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier came face to face ahead of their trilogy fight at .

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AD AH 3 dagar sedan
Pink suit guy went into Conors head for a while 😄
The Free Encyclopedia
The Free Encyclopedia 4 dagar sedan
Who won the press conference between Dustin and Conor? Pink suit man
Immmn boreddd
Immmn boreddd 4 dagar sedan
2:16 I didn't know this was the Ksi vs Logan Paul press conference.
n o m i z w x e s t h k a
n o m i z w x e s t h k a 7 dagar sedan
Not McGregor fast, McGregor sleep
Hurbie Hencock
Hurbie Hencock 9 dagar sedan
3:20 . Connor talks about his self
rakshith reigns
rakshith reigns 9 dagar sedan
Confidence can be faked but it becomes known very fast. Confidence that comes from positive outcomes and accomplishments is genuine confidence. Your confidence breaks during failures and restores only after some success. Conor having been knocked out in their previous encounter was definitely low on confidence and made it worse by just trying too hard to ooze confidence through the way of trash talking
rakshith reigns
rakshith reigns 9 dagar sedan
The lack of confidence in Conor's voice is overwhelmingly obvious
charles davis
charles davis 9 dagar sedan
Is conor drunk
kain kabil
kain kabil 11 dagar sedan
1 - Pink suit guy 2 - Not McGregor fast, McGregor sleeps
Organic Soil
Organic Soil 12 dagar sedan
Poirier trash talked mcgregor into submission without even truly trash talking
Ashish Dayal
Ashish Dayal 12 dagar sedan
Is something writer on top or Conner trying to hold tears
Kishan Patel
Kishan Patel 13 dagar sedan
sunglasses brand?
Loui Iliffe
Loui Iliffe 15 dagar sedan
Dustin came dressed like Tommy vercetti
Rebel21 15 dagar sedan
can tell dustin in Connors head. connor has lost his fire 😕
Fahad malik
Fahad malik 16 dagar sedan
conor trash talk is the best jolies wife
WESCHOOL- Rural 18 dagar sedan
Dustin won no doubt but he looks hesitant..not breathing properly whereas conor is not enjoying the press conference he is just angry
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Hernandez 21 dag sedan
Lmao at the Connor fanboys in the crowd. Any little thing he says they go crazy.
Piero Alejo
Piero Alejo 21 dag sedan
The song is good👏👏
k45h77 22 dagar sedan
Fuel for mujahid videos. Love it.
Andrea Zoli
Andrea Zoli 22 dagar sedan
When Conor faces the hard truth, he does one of 3 things: -fake laugh -shut up -look up and to the side
Proud Indian
Proud Indian 2 dagar sedan
@Wrexler act like a btch that he really is
Eshan Ojha
Eshan Ojha 9 dagar sedan
@Wrexler I guess that's why he wears sun glasses
Af cicho Ty hňupe!
Af cicho Ty hňupe! 11 dagar sedan
@Wrexler Something different i guess.. 😂😂
Wrexler 12 dagar sedan
What is he supposed to do
Nathan Grant
Nathan Grant 23 dagar sedan
Conor been on bag 🤪😤👃barmy army
Mohammed Arif Ali
Mohammed Arif Ali 23 dagar sedan
i thought he learned lesson from khabib, still he is cunning, i thought he became humble
TKtheRED82 25 dagar sedan
Fulcrum 26 dagar sedan
Conors interested in that roof
GGiig Olloo
GGiig Olloo 27 dagar sedan
So this is how the leg break start
micah Keiyzer Brum UK
micah Keiyzer Brum UK 28 dagar sedan
What's he looking up at?
Rujewitblood 29 dagar sedan
Sounds and looks like he's constipated the entire time, the real trash talk was when his face was stone cold and he was nice and flowy in there
Omar Attia
Omar Attia Månad sedan
Khabib broke him
FIGHT-LIFE Channel Månad sedan
Fight fans!... come sub 🥊🥊🥊🙏🙏🙏
Giorgio Nurigiani
Giorgio Nurigiani Månad sedan
3:45 Clearly a projection?!
Norman Osborn
Norman Osborn Månad sedan
Pink suit won the show
SHP Månad sedan
Porier smashed that boy
Paul Mahony
Paul Mahony Månad sedan
Conor has the rich guy florescent white teeth now. Wait until he gets the spray tan...
Elijah Lewis
Elijah Lewis Månad sedan
Conor is mentally 🤓🗣🗣🗣
KNOW UR ROLL Månad sedan
Nek minnit ahhh my foot 🦶 🤣😂🤣😝
Ján Zachar
Ján Zachar Månad sedan
Dustin is an extra class…
Eraj Jayaweera
Eraj Jayaweera Månad sedan
Im a huge Conor fan. He didn’t lose my respect. What i saw in this interview was just forced trash talk. Like it felt, it wasn’t from his core. More like he was tryna sell this fight. The talk he gave in the weigh ins. It all felt just fake. Felt like acting BUT the real heat started between the two after the fight. Thats where true rivalry actually began. I feel Conor would say words in the 4th fight (if it does happen) from his core without acting. This is how i feel 🤔
im raan
im raan Månad sedan
5:28 legend arrived 😂😂😂
Mark G
Mark G Månad sedan
McGregor is such an embarrassment to Ireland 🤣🤣 but they still love him for some reason 🤔
Samuel Stahl
Samuel Stahl Månad sedan
Conor’s trash talk reminds of of Colbys now 😂
Shadow Månad sedan
Purple suit, looks and sounds like the joker. Absolute ignorant douche bag
Zak Davies
Zak Davies Månad sedan
Funny how he broke his ankle on the leg he kicked Dustin with at then End😂😭😭
Awan Biru
Awan Biru Månad sedan
Why he always looked at the roof?
Abul Hasan Ali
Abul Hasan Ali Månad sedan
He keeps looking up ,maybe ptsd of someone who smeshed him from above 😂
Adam Deen
Adam Deen Månad sedan
Connor can talk the talk but can't Walk the walk
Faizan Muzaffar
Faizan Muzaffar Månad sedan
If Dustin is Jolie's wife, than McGregor is Khabib's wife.....😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅
Jasraj Singh
Jasraj Singh Månad sedan
I guess dana's
Beautiful Mind
Beautiful Mind Månad sedan
Conor does all that cause he’s scared so he try’s to insteal fear into dustin
MthreePey Månad sedan
4:40 “This performance on saturday night will top it” proceeds to break his leg in the first round
Conor look nervous
Hassen Hussein
Hassen Hussein Månad sedan
Your wife is your husband what f***k?
Sanket Satim
Sanket Satim Månad sedan
Mcgregor Is Looking Idiot In This Whole Interview
John Anthony
John Anthony Månad sedan
Just looking at the thumbnail makes me laugh 🤣
Ndiripo Simbi
Ndiripo Simbi Månad sedan
guy in the pink suit ended Conor before Dustin broke him 🤣😂🤣
Absolute Courage For You
Absolute Courage For You Månad sedan
Conor needs to keep looking up to make sure his vanity is still there
Carrol Stevens
Carrol Stevens Månad sedan
I see a corpse! I see ay Dead buddy!
Bram van der Heijden
Bram van der Heijden Månad sedan
McGregor: EGO > Skill
What happens to Dustins eyes at 06:45
shubhra deep
shubhra deep Månad sedan
That song is very cool .... anyone know the name??
Alireza Heidari
Alireza Heidari Månad sedan
Pink suit guy 😂👌🏽
Startovací Balíček
Startovací Balíček Månad sedan
idk why two loosers - conor and tony arent fixed against each other to fight ..
Startovací Balíček
Startovací Balíček Månad sedan
seriously if expendables 4 are coming, conor could be cool main antagonist
Nandan Nadkarni
Nandan Nadkarni Månad sedan
McGregor's hatred has actually killed his good sense of humour too
High Carb Diabetic Ⓥ
High Carb Diabetic Ⓥ Månad sedan
Dustin reminds me of my GTA Vice City character
Pratham Gupta
Pratham Gupta Månad sedan
What language he speaking at 6:32 ?
Luprez Tryson
Luprez Tryson Månad sedan
Yo why’s dustin looking exactly like the main dude from gta vice city
Speed Månad sedan
Man I need subtitles for understanding his shity speech 🤣😁
Suraj Babu
Suraj Babu Månad sedan
That pink guy though @connor 😂.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Månad sedan
This Conor better back off his time is over..his trash talk has no value anymore ✔️
Soul Tripper
Soul Tripper Månad sedan
05:23 legend arrives
Dawa Dz
Dawa Dz Månad sedan
After winning two division champ he became arrogant and show off ..
The Original A Man Barely Alive
The Original A Man Barely Alive Månad sedan
Hansen Almani
Hansen Almani Månad sedan
Unfortunately for Conor Kahbib Chocked him Like a Chicken 🐔 and Dustin Broke his 🦵 Mafia Style ,,,,Poor Girl Conor
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Månad sedan
broke conor in every possible way. hahaha
Fear guzdoezit
Fear guzdoezit Månad sedan
4:17 is that the guy who asked for a UFC job application during a press conference couple years ago???
Mavluda Ubaeva
Mavluda Ubaeva Månad sedan
Coner is drunk, what a shame he is. Hes lucky in US, if he have holiday in Russia, he will died, for every single words he say it.
Gaurav Mathur
Gaurav Mathur Månad sedan
I think hasbulla can take mcgregor now.
Peter Pehlivanopoulos
Peter Pehlivanopoulos Månad sedan
Mcgregor Fast Asleep conditioning program.
🐐Leonardo w,c🐐
🐐Leonardo w,c🐐 Månad sedan
after khabib lose till this day day he can’t except it so he’s mind not fully focused then losing to Dustin 2 in a row if he just except the losses and focus on himself and his training.
Devan Pk
Devan Pk Månad sedan
He is right.Trash talk was way better from Conor than rightnow.It’s not working.Everyone is proving that his trash talk won’t affect anybody’s performance.
Abdullah Masood
Abdullah Masood Månad sedan
Conor did evolve and broke his leg loll ..nice evolution
sanjid hossain
sanjid hossain Månad sedan
Connor has only one thing to do which is Victoria's super model. I mean wtf just WRONG with him.
Nazma Hazari
Nazma Hazari Månad sedan
I not a MMA fan but after watching this video I can certainly say Conor is just like a dog from the street and so do his cheering supporters. These ppl are disgrace to human race
Abupirlo Sacker
Abupirlo Sacker Månad sedan
Imagine Connor win this fight like all his fanboys will come and make noises here about rematch with khabib lmao
Muhammad Umer
Muhammad Umer Månad sedan
5:30 hehehehehe
RitzStreams Månad sedan
Tbh props to Dustin what a respectful humble guy man Conor had it coming I hope Conner falls even harder than lucifer in these fantasies
Torosus Horneri
Torosus Horneri Månad sedan
For whatever resaon it feels like Conor trying to be what he was back in 2015. The entire scheme of trashtalk, the problem is this around he cant back it up with W.
Boris Sokolov
Boris Sokolov Månad sedan
Dustin is real. Man. Connor is just trush pappRatzi
Ashish Dayal
Ashish Dayal Månad sedan
Is Conner’s promo written over his head some where
Ashish Dayal
Ashish Dayal Månad sedan
Lolzzzzz worst attempt of Conner of try to be Conner 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Månad sedan
Shoot yure moutt
DarkhorseSJ Månad sedan
Conor : *Random, weak, confused trash talk* Kha-bane : *I was wondering what would break first. Your spirit...or your body!*
DarkhorseSJ Månad sedan
Oof. This is possibly the worst aged trash talk I've ever seen. McNuggets was always a muppett but I never seen him afraid until the pre-fight with Khabib. Now, his trash talk just oozes fear.
Kin Gin
Kin Gin Månad sedan
@2:53 mojahed fudailat needs this clip
John Smith
John Smith Månad sedan
Legend has it that Khabib keeps part of Conors soul in a gold box on his mantle piece
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez Månad sedan
Conor's embarrassing man. Getting rattled by a simple question and losing his rag. He's so arrogant he can't take a hint of criticism or a little ribbing. A lot of other people like that in Ireland unfortunately.
A Hus
A Hus Månad sedan
The journo in the pink suit finished him with straight facts, lmao.
Elijah Cantu
Elijah Cantu Månad sedan
Dustin was not phased , he was more cringed out lol, I can tell by his facial expressions
Movsar Naculchanov
Movsar Naculchanov 2 månader sedan
Conor is a shadow of himself from the past.
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