Dustin Poirier's message for Charles Oliveira!

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2 månader sedan

some guy
some guy 2 dagar sedan
Nose looks Jacked up.
Sabilali thank goodness for that Dilip Chetri
Sabilali thank goodness for that Dilip Chetri 6 dagar sedan
Poirier Vs Oliveira
The Truthseeker
The Truthseeker 10 dagar sedan
Dustin by knockout
Нуртай Калмухамадалиев
Нуртай Калмухамадалиев 20 dagar sedan
I will make sure that both fighters fight in December, I'm under weather for conor although he should've fought with Oliveira
Bryan Leon
Bryan Leon 28 dagar sedan
Few moments later Dustin : I want to fight Nate Diaz for his belt
Brian Navarro
Brian Navarro Månad sedan
Olivera kos him and ngannou in the same night
star1 Månad sedan
Oliver will tear him to shreads
YourBoy Snupe
YourBoy Snupe Månad sedan
I hope he takes Nate Diaz fight first then he won’t get it
YourBoy Snupe
YourBoy Snupe Månad sedan
Drunky poo
..... wtf..... that was cringe coming from jolies wife
Jay Stilly
Jay Stilly Månad sedan
And your getting subbed
Dom Boy
Dom Boy Månad sedan
Now he wants Nate smh Dustin money hungry
A Z Månad sedan
Not an easy fight for either guy but I feel like Charles can get the tap
Kenneth Flowers
Kenneth Flowers Månad sedan
It’ll be a great fight
Shubha Biswas
Shubha Biswas Månad sedan
It will be a great fight . Each of them have the potentiality to win the match. Let's wait for it
Tom N Jerry
Tom N Jerry Månad sedan
His hands are big asf🤣🤣 His poor gf🤧
Ramiro Vazquez
Ramiro Vazquez Månad sedan
I have a nose like Poirier yet I've never been in any brutal fights 😲😖
#scottyourback 2021
#scottyourback 2021 Månad sedan
Olivieria will destroy him.
Pali Singh
Pali Singh Månad sedan
Your wife will dm again to Oliveira 😂
FightGalaxy Månad sedan
The champ
Hot Boyz
Hot Boyz Månad sedan
People really forgetting Charles submission game Dustin need be careful because Charles is goat on ground wit submissions
scott boylan
scott boylan Månad sedan
Big paw's this dude's growing on me. American made.. not fancy but durable
Toxicboy HR
Toxicboy HR Månad sedan
Wtf was that
Rondoletti -
Rondoletti - Månad sedan
Yo his nose🤯
Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia Månad sedan
Olivera don't stand a chance
Coleções Coleções
Coleções Coleções Månad sedan
Charles vai te matar, com esse Rostinho rosa, voce vai apanhar, vai sofrer e vai cair, força Do Bronx.🇧🇷
Rob Stevens
Rob Stevens Månad sedan
Damn he got some huge fists lol..cant see past Poirier in that fight.
Unwavering will i
Unwavering will i Månad sedan
Olivera will destroy dustin
sebastian7494 Månad sedan
Dustin vs Charlie Oliv: Who wins? How? Drop predictions! Should be one hell of a fight!
Hot Boyz
Hot Boyz Månad sedan
Anywhere from 3rd to 5th round Charles gonna submit or knock out Dustin if not between round 1-2
Romulo Mendes
Romulo Mendes Månad sedan
Uh vai morrer Uh vai morrer
Nunya Buziness
Nunya Buziness Månad sedan
The end of the line for sorier 😆
T kepz
T kepz Månad sedan
Olivera and still
Alex Garzón
Alex Garzón Månad sedan
Jonathan Crocker
Jonathan Crocker Månad sedan
Dustin is in over his head. He beat a crippled Macgregor and now he thinks he's way better than he actually is.
itssteve Månad sedan
Put some respect on Poirier s name
tombo ombo
tombo ombo Månad sedan
Flávio F
Flávio F Månad sedan
Bacana demais esse Poirier
sakis alampeis
sakis alampeis Månad sedan
Oliveiras smol fight
sakis alampeis
sakis alampeis Månad sedan
Poiriers smol fight
Smart Prestige
Smart Prestige Månad sedan
I don’t mind. It’s definitely worth watching 💯
Fendi Fendi
Fendi Fendi Månad sedan
Dustin wins via tko round 3-4
Drumming Earth
Drumming Earth Månad sedan
Love porier he truly is a diamond chap
Анастасия Башлай
Анастасия Башлай Månad sedan
That would be very intresting🤗
Баха Kz
Баха Kz Månad sedan
Оливейру уничажайеть Порые Let s go
Kidd Marvelous
Kidd Marvelous Månad sedan
On the feet hes good he just better not go to the ground
RIVEL ROY Månad sedan
Then Connor beat Dustin
IGL Elegy
IGL Elegy Månad sedan
Jesus is the truth..
Martin Tabs
Martin Tabs Månad sedan
awkward smile..
Chandan Mishra
Chandan Mishra Månad sedan
oliveira is the typical fighter u never touch his level.
Chandan Mishra
Chandan Mishra Månad sedan
mark my word. u will lose 100%%
Pedro Garcia Medina
Pedro Garcia Medina Månad sedan
Oliveira vs Porrier great fight no matter who wins
Mark Sprinkle
Mark Sprinkle Månad sedan
lacostiben Månad sedan
That's how i like this sport !
Saad Mirza
Saad Mirza Månad sedan
Damn, Dustin needs to get nose surgery after he retires.
Jizzaprove 100%
Jizzaprove 100% Månad sedan
Caiçara boy from Guarujá Favela vs Cletus Cousin from Louisiana swamps What a match, gentlemen
1TZSNI1PEZ Månad sedan
Bartek Roz
Bartek Roz Månad sedan
He gonna be in the hall of fame
AKA Compilation
AKA Compilation Månad sedan
Damn look at his hand hahaha ⚒️
lasha kashakashvili
lasha kashakashvili Månad sedan
Hi is not joking right there boys😏Comon Dustin...Victory is waiting...💪
Nahom Yemane
Nahom Yemane Månad sedan
He got some big hands
Mikiel Sahagun
Mikiel Sahagun Månad sedan
"That's my bone be prepared to fight for it Chucky"
Trenton Mcguire
Trenton Mcguire Månad sedan
He's a dimnut
Mid Knight
Mid Knight Månad sedan
No u won't 😆
Brock Månad sedan
Look at the size of his fist that’s a big dude
🥊 NY DaVinci 🥊
🥊 NY DaVinci 🥊 Månad sedan
My dude!!! Brutal fighter.💪💪💪💪💪
warrior Månad sedan
Sanenba Kjo
Sanenba Kjo Månad sedan
I think dustin will knock olivera out
o Homem do Tempo Games
o Homem do Tempo Games 2 månader sedan
Oliveira fica esperto . Cuidado não pra não deixar o pescoço ou a canela
Hugo Heimar Vaarend
Hugo Heimar Vaarend 2 månader sedan
Cringe as usual
Dakota Murray
Dakota Murray 2 månader sedan
Dustin is so respectful to his other opponents that are also respectful but if they're not then Dustin is right there in their face ready to go!
WeAreTheVirus89 2 månader sedan
Poirier looking like Micheal Chandler for a bit here
Victor Thompson
Victor Thompson 2 månader sedan
Charles is a hand full, and he don't play with his food like Conor does.
Walter Lippmann
Walter Lippmann 2 månader sedan
gonna be a banger
ירון בינדר
ירון בינדר 2 månader sedan
What an Anti star...
Yashasv Rana
Yashasv Rana 2 månader sedan
That's how u keep a sport healthy
Gregory Vincent
Gregory Vincent 2 månader sedan
Diamond 💎 & NEW
MVP 01
MVP 01 2 månader sedan
We need to see Poirier vs Gaethje 2, not Oliveira
Dhyan Dassappan
Dhyan Dassappan 2 månader sedan
current lightweight champion is Charles Oliveira.......... And Dustin also beat Conor McGregor And now!!!!!!!!!! It's Charles Oliveira vs Dustin Poirier . I'm super excited!!
Mj applehead
Mj applehead 2 månader sedan
Dustin poirier, is the Next khabib nurmagomedov, humble man, and a good fighter
Alvin Cooks
Alvin Cooks 2 månader sedan
Well dustin got lot experience fightin khabib so he has advantage
Fonseca Taliaferro
Fonseca Taliaferro 2 månader sedan
Never realized how crooked this guys nose is
Linent Gaming
Linent Gaming 2 månader sedan
Both t awesome i like em both
David Lothbrok
David Lothbrok 2 månader sedan
I think dustin finishes him in 30 sec lmao..he cant stand a chance with dustin
Kevin G
Kevin G 2 månader sedan
Can’t wait to see Oliveira humble him
Faew Dsa
Faew Dsa 2 månader sedan
Oliveira though not being famed for his stand up, he somehow managed to KO Chandler, which is also a heavy hitter. Might not be an easy fight for Poirier.
Hot Boyz
Hot Boyz Månad sedan
@Andnew Charles is way better grappling and clinched up I know Charles will beat dustin
Lord HandsomeSwag
Lord HandsomeSwag Månad sedan
@Andnew its the most 50/50 fight in terms of trying to pick a winner
Andnew Månad sedan
No one thinks Poirier has an easy fight. This will be a technical battle of two of the most seasoned veterans of the game. It's very difficult for me to pick a winner... That being said... I won't.
Filip Ferenčak
Filip Ferenčak Månad sedan
That was the first round he lost since 2017 too
Deividas Runca
Deividas Runca 2 månader sedan
Love this guy
Rejus Flippant
Rejus Flippant 2 månader sedan
Twosevenboy1 2 månader sedan
dustin cool and all but no hype ....like no trash talk at all ..........boring
Damian Danev
Damian Danev 2 månader sedan
Is his nose broken?
Fizzco 2 månader sedan
Poirier will win by KO
Antonio B
Antonio B 2 månader sedan
Ahahahaha angry smily boy
A squizz
A squizz 2 månader sedan
Taking a small shot at the champ......Charles will get this done in 3 rounds
The Truthseeker
The Truthseeker 13 dagar sedan
mayur Chhabhaiya
mayur Chhabhaiya 2 månader sedan
Why everyone think dustin easily beat Charles.. Man Charles is different leval.. Mark my word Charles Beat dustin in 3 round
Zz 12 dagar sedan
Charles is gonna have Dustin cooking gumbo
Zz 12 dagar sedan
Olly is gonna win lol
Some Guy
Some Guy Månad sedan
Yeah he let Conor get him in a guillotine. If Charles gets Dustin in a guillotine it's over
Andnew Månad sedan
I'd say it's a pick em fight. They both have the heart of a lion and are tenacious in every aspect of MMA. Will be a fantastic fight to be present for live.
Taiwo Owolabi
Taiwo Owolabi Månad sedan
Yep 💯
mayur Chhabhaiya
mayur Chhabhaiya 2 månader sedan
Relax dustin... Charles not easy
Round 1 MMA
Round 1 MMA 2 månader sedan
Loser has to work for colgate.
Achilles MMA
Achilles MMA 2 månader sedan
If he win over chalres,he will be fighter of year. Beat conor twice and oliveira will be super impressed
Eddy 2 månader sedan
his nose was even more screwed up
stufoo 2 månader sedan
Dustin really does have some bricks for hands
Un1uckY123 2 månader sedan
illegitimate win.
Vangeghbegha Begha
Vangeghbegha Begha 2 månader sedan
Blood Diamond!
Money Machine
Money Machine 2 månader sedan
Crazy that this dude thinks he won anything 😂 nothing but a journey men who hits low level fighters
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 2 månader sedan
Choked out.
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