"What are you doing bro? That's disgusting!" Dustin Poirier heated interview after UFC 264

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Dustin Poirier speaks to Caroline Pearce after a heated victory at UFC 264 against Conor McGregor.

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mikoy huio
mikoy huio 4 minuter sedan
It’s still so amazing to me how Dustin can be both Jolie’s wife AND Conor’s daddy
Joshua Ziccarelli
Joshua Ziccarelli 3 timmar sedan
He put his fingers in my glove hahaha Dustin p head I love connor
Joshua Ziccarelli
Joshua Ziccarelli 4 timmar sedan
Dustin is fake how he trying talkshit odgf hate on my man but I'll watch Connor any day rather than anyone else.
Topper Harley
Topper Harley 4 timmar sedan
Interviewer is in shape
The Beoworg
The Beoworg 4 timmar sedan
Poirier is a total class act. Total alpha.
mikoy huio
mikoy huio 4 minuter sedan
Connor need to be more respectful to his opponents
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi 18 timmar sedan
"I'd break his other leg." 💪
King White Knight
King White Knight 20 timmar sedan
The older Dustin gets in like Channing Tatum?
moe 22 timmar sedan
Classy guy, I used to be a McGregor fan but no more, to trash talk his opponent's wife is an unforgivable low-life move.
Frost X
Frost X Dag sedan
I'm not an Irish but i really hate some Irish fan who act like the they're the biggest Conor fan when he's on top. And when Conor's in his downhill moment, they again trashing Conor and act like he is a huge disgrace for Irish people. Ugghh.!! U should be ashamed of yourself... Disgusting.😤 Whether Conor is good or bad. He made UFC and Ireland🇨🇮 more popular than ever to the world. And I'm not even Irish but i got a huge respect for him. And a huge inspiration from him. Love 🇨🇮❤🇨🇮.
Houser Dag sedan
Very classy guy, I respect him a lot.
Ben Obrien
Ben Obrien Dag sedan
Connor's finished!!!
lion heart
lion heart Dag sedan
Justin don't take it personal Conner is just a fight seller
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Dag sedan
Joanna 2 dagar sedan
The most un-heated, “heated” interview I’ve ever seen 😅 Poirier is a cool dude man, like his persona a lot.
critic3001 2 dagar sedan
Good interviewer and interviewee.
Warbred 2 dagar sedan
“…Coming from that loss against Kamaru Usman” ohhh he’s a 155er now?? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Twizted Clown
Twizted Clown 3 dagar sedan
I love how he says he thought he controlled the majority of the round. First minute to minute and half it was McGregor pushing the pressure wasn't until it started going to Connors weakness on the ground that the round started to turn for dustin
brian maguire
brian maguire 3 dagar sedan
Connor need to be more respectful to his opponents
Joanna 2 dagar sedan
There was no check !!!!!
Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
Anti - Ethnic Cleansing 3 dagar sedan
That’s nice of him to not want his daughter to see a man’s leg get disfigured. Lol.
Juan Anderson
Juan Anderson 3 dagar sedan
Yooo he fell on his ankle . I love dustin but he cap’N RN
Brandon Kee
Brandon Kee 3 dagar sedan
“Nah, I would love to stay sitting on top of him throwing elbows but he had 3 fingers inside of my glove pulling me to upkicks, he’s cheating doing what Conor would do” lmao Mcgregor got saved, the fight would of ended badly & Dustin would still be victorious!
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 3 dagar sedan
The most un-heated, “heated” interview I’ve ever seen 😅 Poirier is a cool dude man, like his persona a lot.
das52 4 dagar sedan
That’s why women shouldn’t interview fighters… fighter females maybe but not your average Dua Lipa
Skarl 4 dagar sedan
I actually appreciate Conor and I think that arrogant and showy fighters like him are important in the MMA scene, to me it is part of the show even though I can understand why many people dislike it. That said, Conor should have quit before he actually loses control over his career and over his life. He gotta accept he did his time in this sport and the fact that he keeps trying only worsens his reputation.
TheRealRhino_ 4 dagar sedan
2:54 factssss
Edgar Friendly
Edgar Friendly 4 dagar sedan
Conor is a disgrace to Ireland.
LMH 4 dagar sedan
I was waiting for the "heated" part. Click bait BS.
bikerbrandon1 4 dagar sedan
I feel like mcgregor is basically a novelty fighter that for some reason keeps getting big ticket fights even though he just doesnt win any fight hes in anymore.
Dina Luna
Dina Luna 4 dagar sedan
"I'll break his other leg"
LoggiesHouse 4 dagar sedan
Grubber Jt
Grubber Jt 5 dagar sedan
Conor 'No Honour' McGregor.
Zoya Hussain
Zoya Hussain 5 dagar sedan
There was no check !!!!!
William Innes
William Innes 5 dagar sedan
McG is finished as a fighter and is not a nice person, as we have all seen in recent times ...
ScottyD 5 dagar sedan
What a legit guy. Well deserved.
AKA ZINsomniac
AKA ZINsomniac 5 dagar sedan
Conner is full of demons trash!
Jamo Taylor
Jamo Taylor 5 dagar sedan
She's a great interviewer; asks great questions, but backs off when it gets a little sticky.
Scott Porter
Scott Porter 5 dagar sedan
That is how to conduct yourself. Conner is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Europe.
thor odin
thor odin 5 dagar sedan
Poirier prolly thinking like I should punch this guy on the mouth next fight
Gary Christensen
Gary Christensen 6 dagar sedan
"I'd break his other leg" my man!
Ritalie 6 dagar sedan
I'm legitimately worried about TJ Dillashaw. On Food Truck, he said: "I could kick that steel pole over there, and my leg wouldn't break."
Robby Sleaze
Robby Sleaze 5 dagar sedan
Nathan B
Nathan B 6 dagar sedan
Good interviewer
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 6 dagar sedan
It’s still so amazing to me how Dustin can be both Jolie’s wife AND Conor’s daddy
G S 6 dagar sedan
So ,Connor fought 4 minutes with broken leg???????If so he is superhero!
Meat Sweats
Meat Sweats 6 dagar sedan
Sounded like Conor laughing in the background after Dustin said he'd break his other leg. Never liked Conor from day 1. Wasn't hard to see through that snake as well.
TYDoGG s 6 dagar sedan
this guy seems real AF
Patrick Woods
Patrick Woods 6 dagar sedan
Class act
Budak Cacat
Budak Cacat 6 dagar sedan
Although McGregor lost but he's stil the richest sportsman in the world.
Richard Ghost
Richard Ghost 6 dagar sedan
Connor is pondlife
P. Wood
P. Wood 6 dagar sedan
Dustin is a great dude. Connor bring the best and worst out of him.
valemus 6 dagar sedan
Oh this is an MMA video. I saw the title and thought this was something else, I must be on the wrong website.
Life Coach Jesse
Life Coach Jesse 7 dagar sedan
This interviewer went the distance. She had 21 questions on automatic. Didn't even let him Atchison his breath in between questions.
zaid mesmar
zaid mesmar 7 dagar sedan
When she said kamaru usman... She meant khabib right??
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 6 dagar sedan
"Who the FOOK is that guy" -Conors ankle too Conor
Eddie 7 dagar sedan
Dustin is clearly one of the good and decent and classy "men" in the UFC. As for Conor, he's one of the immature and classless boys in the sport who simply can't shut off the garbage that spews from his angry mouth. Yes, he has fame and more money than he can spend, but will never have what Dustin has...a peaceful heart and soul. Kudos Dustin...
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 5 dagar sedan
this worldly temporary material world. I hope he gets what he's been searching for.
CE 7 dagar sedan
The broadcaster is hot af
420wes snipes
420wes snipes 7 dagar sedan
My only disappointment was Dustin knew his leg was done and still went in for extra hits....Dustin is a very classy, respectful fighter..after his first loss to Conner that man changed...but still he shouldn't have went in for extra hits.. Congratulations to Dustin for his stoppage win...
BrontoMan TV
BrontoMan TV 7 dagar sedan
2:53 "I'd break his other leg."
ChelseaFCMario 7 dagar sedan
Conor needs to retire and go back to punching old men in pubs
Mathias Prehofer
Mathias Prehofer 7 dagar sedan
"heated interview" Thats a HUGE Exaggeration right here
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 7 dagar sedan
"Who the FOOK is that guy" -Conors ankle too Conor
Phil Serna
Phil Serna 7 dagar sedan
The only thing more disgusting is the fans that still support that loser. Its all over for McGregor. Go cry me a river Dana.
Yoda300YearsAgo 7 dagar sedan
"Tis but a scratch"
James Knox
James Knox 7 dagar sedan
DP is such a solid dude
Lord Fakmor III
Lord Fakmor III 7 dagar sedan
That interviewer is hot, man.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 7 dagar sedan
Well, I thought this was something different
2K Savant
2K Savant 7 dagar sedan
Why’s he look more beat up and tired than Connor? He was gassed af
I bring this to you because
I bring this to you because 7 dagar sedan
2K Connor fans still wanted their say
chris may
chris may 7 dagar sedan
Hes just an outstanding guy
Dom O'Shea
Dom O'Shea 7 dagar sedan
Whoever titled this video needs to learn what heated means
Josh G
Josh G 7 dagar sedan
Dustin is respectable mature professional i mean that says it all. TRUE MAN
seas garage
seas garage 7 dagar sedan
Dustin is such a great dude. Even through all his fame, he still talks and hangs out with his old friends, keeps his cool, and is super humble.
John Terlaje
John Terlaje 7 dagar sedan
Reporter does a great job. Dustin is a true down to earth Gentleman😎
mikey 7 dagar sedan
Very humble with good amount of cheek top bloke this one 💪👍
Mohamed Zaki
Mohamed Zaki 7 dagar sedan
Just a nice normal family guy, respect!
Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison 7 dagar sedan
Connor knew he was gonna lose the fight before it even happened😂
kasper enevoldsen
kasper enevoldsen 7 dagar sedan
I like Dustin calls Conor a Cheater while he grabs the fence with the toes to release the pressure of the guillotine. Just saying
Mark the Shark
Mark the Shark 7 dagar sedan
Break His Other Leg.. Lmao!!!!
Mark the Shark
Mark the Shark 7 dagar sedan
This Reporter Chic is Annoying AF!!!!!
RaY 7 dagar sedan
Well, I thought this was something different
Peter Bach
Peter Bach 7 dagar sedan
Damn, what a wise fighter
Tear EM up
Tear EM up 7 dagar sedan
Awesome person congrats to Dustin
808 G8GT
808 G8GT 7 dagar sedan
Lots of bandwagon UFC fans. It's pathetic.
Nisch 7 dagar sedan
Very humble Dustin, connor is a cake
Geno Paints
Geno Paints 7 dagar sedan
Very good interviewer,
Tah 7 dagar sedan
Connor got Khabibed by Piorier.😂
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr 7 dagar sedan
Stock up for Dustin, stock down for Conor. Conor’s ego has it’s own orbit. Dustin finished the trilogy…. We don’t need to see it again. Result will be the same or worse.
My Voice
My Voice 7 dagar sedan
I just became Dustin's fan. Connor is a tool. No class at all.
DocScoot 7 dagar sedan
Class act. I've actually tried to like Connor and give him the benefit of the doubt over the years but no more. If he wants to be a clown he should jump over to professional wrestling. It will be absolutely shameful if he gets that 4th fight and I will be done with UFC.
ᏇɿՇƙȝԺ 7 dagar sedan
the diamond just merk mick joker nuggets
KromaticSounds 8 dagar sedan
what a guy
Zin Shrestha
Zin Shrestha 8 dagar sedan
Hrs gonna be dead anyways One of the angry conor fan will shoot him regardless
Shannon Whittington
Shannon Whittington 8 dagar sedan
Well Dustin did use the cage to get out of that guillotine
MGM ODP 8 dagar sedan
Such a role model Dusteen!
LuckyDC 8 dagar sedan
McGregor's Million$ can't buy what Dustin Poirier has...
Big Red
Big Red 8 dagar sedan
Conner if a fking flog. What a fking clown he turned out to be. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
Big Red
Big Red 8 dagar sedan
What a true champ. 👍👍👍
Tony Hull
Tony Hull 8 dagar sedan
There's something genuinely wrong in McGregor's head.
rahul yadav
rahul yadav 8 dagar sedan
When Conor McNugget looses he wants a rematch, but when he wins he keeps on running not defending his title. Such a coward he his, He knows he's full of trash.
malonecapone2 8 dagar sedan
Zac Robertson
Zac Robertson 8 dagar sedan
Connor always brings the entertainment even if it’s him breaking his leg
Zac Robertson
Zac Robertson 7 dagar sedan
Dana Black
Dana Black 8 dagar sedan
Its not entertainment its disrespect and crossing the line. Huge difference
Martin Iversen
Martin Iversen 8 dagar sedan
Conor is done.
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